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Guide to a great self tan using TanGel-O Sunless Bronzing Gel

Not all of us have the luxury or time to enjoy a day at the beach basking in the sun or venture off to a tanning salon in pursuit of that great tan. However, you may want to have a great tan for that special event. This guide will provide some great tips and procedures to achieve a great tan using TanGel-O Sunless Bronzing Gel.

First – ensure you have enough time to properly apply the product and allow it to absorb into the skin.

To start off the best way to achieve a great self tan is to insure you are applying TanGel-O to clean dry skin. Take a shower and exfoliate your skin with a quality product to remove dead skin cells and build up.

Before applying TanGel-O you can use a quality moisturizer on your hands to prevent them from Tanning too much. You can also use gloves or wash your hands periodically during application (about every 5 mins should do the trick).

After you are clean and exfoliated ensure your skin is dry (if applying the product after a shower let the bathroom cool down and the steam clear). Now start applying TanGel-O evenly in circular motions starting with your legs and work your way up. Use TanGel-O sparingly on ankles, feet and elbows (these areas do not tan well in the sun so applying lightly in these areas will ensure a natural even looking tan).

Now begin to apply TanGel-O (in even circular motions as before) to your torso and then move onto each arm (remember to go lightly on the elbows) and then your back. Move onto your neck and facial area and remember to apply a small amount behind your ears and blend into your hair lines.

If not applied with gloves or barrier cream wash hands with soap and warm water. If necessary a hair dryer on cool can also be used to accelerate drying time.

Now you have successfully applied TanGel-O Sunless Bronzing Gel! For the immediate 15-20 mins after application do not put on tight clothes.